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Kings of Leon pictures. Perv on the Followills, woo.

This community follows in the trend of other yourfavoriteband_daily communites, but automatically lowers you expectations by letting you know outright it probably won't be daily. The only rules are that you must post at least one picture in every post, but beyond that, feel free to talk about the Followills, a show you saw, their new music video, a magazine article with them, whatever. This should be a place for fans to talk and perv in peace. Also, if you are posting more than one pic, or an especially big one, put it behind a cut please. Feel free to post icons too, but there is a community for that.

The mods here are me, bythesidewalk and gaptoothsmile. If you want to friend me, comment on my journal, and if you have a suggestion for the community you can send me an email, which is the one listed as the contact email. This KoL community supports kings_of_leon so if you're not a member, you should be!